Microclimate control

The climate computers can control all the possible combinations of ventilation and temperature for the poultry houses.
They can monitor ventilation systems of all types: natural, mechanical, roof, cross and longitudinal.

Our computers can record, depending on your preferences, the temperature and the humidity from the house, the external temperature, the carbon dioxide level, the speed of the interior and exterior air. With these settings, your birds will always enjoy a perfect climate.


– tested and optimized during many years of use;
– reliability and high operating safety;
– high flexibility: the computers can be set up by the user, depending on his requests;
– a user friendly system, that can be accessed by means of the pictograms;
– they allow programming for all the configurations of ventilation: basic ventilation, tunnel, mixt, proportional and/or cyclic;
– the temperature curve can be programmed up to 10 points, depending on the age of the birds;
– the ventilation curve depends on the age of the birds and on the humidification curve;
– ventilation correction for the maximum set humidity;
– ventilation correction in case of a sudden drop of the external temperature (auto-learning function, depending on the climate in which the computer is used);
– the possibility to synchronize the ventilation with the air inlet flaps through a pressure sensor for optimizing the minimal ventilation;
– the cooling system can be automatically shut down when it reaches a set humidity level;
– the cooling system is cyclically controlled for a maximum performance;
– the delay of the cooling or heating system in regard to the main set point of temperature;
– the heating can be controlled on several areas, being possible the mixing of the temperature in the house;
– the possibility to set a password for the access levels in order to secure the configuration of the settings and options the security;
– through an optional connection to a special router, the computers can be accessed from any pc, smartphone or tablet, allowing the visualization of the parameters, as well as the distance control.

MIRA Climate computer

Mira is a climate computer used in chicken houses for microclimate control, feeding and watering system. It controls two groups of variable ventilation and eight groups of fixed ventilation depending on temperature, humidity and CO2, four heating zones, two air intake zones and one lighting area. The computer also records information regarding water and feed consumption, maintains the management throughout the entire rearing series, which can be accessed from the personal computer via remote communication and the Rainbow program.

FORTICA Climate computer

Fortica is a process computer with an universal bird house automation system, extremely easy to use and which offers total control over all the processes in the house. This all-in-one system is suitable for all types of broilers. Regulates, controls and monitors climate systems, feeding, watering, lighting, weighing of birds and silos. The full operation of the touch screen makes this system extremely easy to use. The Fortica computer can also be connected remotely via the application via the Internet and an innovative farm management program, thus maintaining a complex management of the growth series.

ORION Climate computer

Orion can monitor and manage all existing situations in a chicken house: control processes for ventilation, heating, cooling, feeding, watering, food and water and light recording. The computer is suitable for all ventilation systems, from natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, ridge ventilation, longitudinal ventilation, cross ventilation and all possible combinations thereof. The level of ventilation is determined by the temperature and humidity in the hall and can be influenced by the outside temperature. A CO2 sensor, negative pressure and a weather station (to calculate wind speed and direction) can also be connected. The computer can be connected to the remote control system using the Smartlink module and the Rainbow program.

SIRIUS Climate computer

Sirius CL controls two individual variable ventilation steps and eight fixed ventilation steps, tunnel ventilation, damper, two air inlet zones, two heating zones, one cooling step, one humidifier and three timers. The ventilation works depending on the indoor temperature with the influences of the outdoor temperature, humidity and negative pressure in the house. The computer can be connected via CAN connection to the communication and remote control system, using the Smartlink module and the Rainbow program.

Sirius V controls two individual variable ventilation steps and six fixed ventilation steps, two damper zones, two air inlet zones, two heating zones, a cooling step, humidification and a timer depending on the indoor temperature with the influences of the outside temperature, humidity and negative pressure in the house. The computer can be connected via CAN connection to the communication and remote control system using the Smartlink module and the Rainbow program.

EKU Control unit

EKU is a control unit that controls the engines of the air intake system. Specifically, the module supplies the winch that operates the air inlet flaps in the birdhouses. The unit can be operated manually or automatically. In the case of automatic mode, CAN-IO-EKU receives the desired position from the main computer (Orion / Mira / Sirius / Fortica) via the CAN-Local communication network

EPU Control unit

EPU-12 is a triac type control for the variable ventilation or lighting. The EPU-12 can be controlled by an external 0-10 V DC signal (from a main computer). The EPU-12 also has a normally open contact for signaling the alarm. The panel is used for variable ventilation in poultry houses or for variable lighting, having the function of dimmer.


CAN IO LCA receives information about the weight of the food and the weight of the birds in the house from the weighing cells placed under the feet of the silo and from the bird weighing cell. The panel transmits this information to the main computer via the CAN communication. It is equipped with an alarm relay.

Smartlink Unit

Smartlink is an interface that allows the connection of the main computers in the poultry houses to a PC, local network modem or internet. Using the Rainbow + program for PC or smartphone application, remote control and management is possible through this interface for Sirius, Mira and Orion computers.

AK frequency converter control unit

The panel is used to control the variable ventilation in the poultry houses. The converter connects directly to the fan motor, having the function of dimmer in frequency, modifying according to demand, the rotation per minute of the motor. The panel receives from the main computer the information regarding the required ventilation in the house via 0-10V analog signal.