Cooling Pads

Our solutions for cooling the houses consists of panels with cardboard sheets. Alke cooling pads are composed of these cardboard sheets attached to galvanized steel gutters. This equipment is the most efficient cooling system for a poultry house. It can lower the ambient temperature by up to 10 ° C.The structure of the panels has been designed in order to increase the wet / cooling surface, in order to ensure a high evaporation efficiency. The evaporation panels are positioned on one side, and the exhaust fans on the other side of the hall, to create a vacuum for fresh air intake, which is done through an evaporation panel. With the help of this panel, the air is cooled.

300 x 200 x 15 cmCardboard/Galvanized steel33.000 m³/h at 20 Pa

Spin Disk

To humidify the poultry farms, we recommend the Alke spin disk. It produces a mist of water that helps increase the humidity in the hall. The special hole that regulates the volume of water in the rotating disk can be opened or closed. This disc will take water from the central area. The centrifugal force will throw water to the outside of the disk. This will produce a very fine mist cone, which will evaporate immediately. With the help of air drafts created due to ventilation, you will get an ideal mixture of water vapor and air in the hall.


– aluminum product with high quality component;
– easy assembly;
– it can also be used for disinfecting halls;
– epoxy polish;
– standard model: ceiling hanging, 400V, three-phase;
– optional: 230V – tripod model.

Water consumption MotorMaterialInsulation
15 - 30 l0.55 kW 400VAluminumIP55