The goal of the drinking system is to offer the birds the adequate quantity of fresh water.

The working mode is the following one: the water source is the main water system that the farm holds; the water from the main pipe will go through the water panel, where the pressure will be low and the water will be filtered. From the panel, the water will reach the nipple drinking lines.

After adjusting the pressure and the height of the drinking line, the water will get to the birds by means of the nipples.
The drinking systems with nipples can be used in poultry houses for: broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks.


– optimal hygiene;
– a better water temperature;
– minimal water loss;
– easy to clean;
– minimal maintenance; 
– a high number of water access points;
– the necessary medication can be easily supplied;
– dry litter, low humidity and low ammonia level;

Technical data:

TypeDestined toMaterialCapacity
MP24Broiler/ Breeder/ LayersPolypropylene + stainless steel80ml/min la 200mbar
AK5TCBroiler/ Breeder/ LayersPolypropylene + stainless steel70ml/min la 200mbar
AK5Broiler/ BreederPolypropylene + stainless steel50ml/min la 200mbar
AK2LayersStainless steel80ml/min la 200mbar
AK2DOSBroiler/ Breeder/ LayersStainless steel80ml/min la 200mbar
MP22DucksPolypropylene + stainless steel35ml/min la 200mbar
AKLTTurkeysPolypropylene + stainless steel80ml/min la 200mbar