Alke uses fans that are produced by companies with a tradition for more than 30 years in the agricultural and industrial ventilation domain.

We distribute fans for poultry houses (broiler, layers, turkeys, ducks), pigs houses and for any agricultural or industrial application that requires large capacity axial fans.

The best sellers are the followings:

ModelCapacity at 0 PaCapacityDimensions (m)
Fixed fan AK140 400V- 3Ph-50Hz43170 m3/h1,1 kW1,38x1,38 x0,45
Fixed fan MF140 400V- 3Ph-50Hz44810 m3/h1,1 kW1,38x1,38x0,46
Fixed fan 6D 92 Q 400V-3 Ph-50Hz21100 m3/h0,83 kW1,08 x 1,02x0,24
Variable fan 6E92 Q 50Hz 230V-1 Ph-50Hz21100 m3/h0,67 kW1,08 x 1,02x0,24


AK100 is a fixed fan, with a classic and robust design. It is made of galvanized steel, driven by a 0.55 kW motor.


• Minimal air loss;
• The pallets are made of stainless steel, this increases the service life;
• Low noise level;
• High air flow, minimal effort;
• Durability;
• Resistant materials to aggressive climates;
• Easy maintenance and cleaning.

ModelCapacity at 0 PaCapacityDimensions (m)
Fixed fan AK100 400V- 3Ph-50Hz18100 m³/h0.55 kW1,00x1,00x0,45

AK 140:

AK 140 is a fan with a solid and classic design. The appliance is made of galvanized steel, with stainless steel blades, driven by a 1,1 kW motor.


• minimal air losses;
• the blades are made of stainless steel and this thing increases the period of operation;
• low noise level;
• big air flow, minimal effort;
• durability;
• materials resistant to aggressive climates;
• easy to clean and to maintain.

MF 140:

Thanks to an aerodynamic design, Alke can offer you a fan with a large air volume (45.600 m³/h at 0 Pa) and with a very low consumption (36,9W/ 1000 m³/h). MF140 can be used for longitudinal or tunnel ventilation systems.


•     minimal air losses;
•     the blades are tridimensional and this fact provides maximum performance to the fan;
•     low noise level;
•     large air flow, minimal effort;
•     durability;
•     materials resistant to aggressive climates;
•     easy to clean and to maintain;
•     for higher pressures (from 60 to 100 Pa), it is available the Multifan fan with 5 blades;
•     the cone and the shutters offer you the possibility to increase the air flow.

The casing fan 92:

In order to provide a minimum ventilation in poultry houses, Alke can offer you the Multifan 92 casing fan. This appliance has a compact design, it is delivered assembled and it can be easily installed.


By means of the flange, the 92 casing fan can easily be mounted on the wall. The unit is provided with a special panel which is incorporated in a casing. The frame insures the necessary stability. The fan with the direct drive is more efficient and it requires less maintaining works in comparison with the belting fan. The standard three phase motor does not adjust the speed; however, other models (the one-phase motor, the one that regulates the speed by means of a transformer or a controller) can be delivered on demand.

Blades with an aerodynamic profileLow energy consumption
Motor with F insulation class (155°C)Durability
Corrosion resistant motorReliability
Anti-corrosive assembling materialsReduced maintenance
Coffered bearingsEasy to install
The coils are provided with 3 insulation layersEasy to clean
All the components can be recycledLow noise level
Water resistant (IP55)2 years warranty