Air inlet

Flash 3300:

The Flash 3300 air inlets represents a revolutionary progress in air control. The air direction is not affected by the air inlet flaps (air quantity). Meanwhile, this air inlet system has proved its value in the hundreds of poultry house all over the world.

Flash 3300 directs the outside fresh air before it enters the house. The air direction is influenced by the adjustable lamellae. These can be set anytime you want. The air quantity is adjusted by means of a high insulated sliding door (22mm XPS extruded polystyrene).

The air inlet flaps are adequate for the following types of animal houses: birds, pigs and calves. The system is available also in the transparent version (this type allows the entry of the natural light).
The Flash air inlet flap is adequate for the situations in which a big air volume must be directed in certain points of the house:
– regarding the houses with a very big width, Flash can guide the air on large distances
– it avoids all the obstacles in the house, like cages, automatic nests or beams
– no air currents in the automatic nests

ModelCapacity at 20 PaDimensions (mm)
Flash 3300 Air inlets 3300 m³/h580x390


The X-Stream air inlets are made of a very resistant plastic. The 40 mm thickness frame contains in the interior dense foam polystyrene, a material that confers the air inlets a high level of thermal insulation.
There are available two actuating methods, by means of a simple spring adjustment. The standard adjustment for the air inlet is the one with the automatic closing, but if you opt for the opening, this thing can be changed easily.

First, the flap is opening on the upper side, sending all the admission air towards the ridge. After a pre-established period, the air inlet opens on the lower part, too, directing the air admission towards the floor, therefore creating a nice mixture.
The 3 in 1 system allows the gradual individual opening of the 3 air inlets, using only a motor winch. This system creates a deeper air flow when you use the minimal ventilation.

ModelCapacity at 20 PaDimensions (mm)
X-stream Air inlet2250 m³/h385x355


AK1700 air inlets are made of durable, high-quality, anti-UV plastic. The inlets are provided with a protection net against birds and insects. The reset spring is made of quality rust-resistant stainless steel. This model has three opening angles for better ventilation and is equipped with a 20mm polystyrene insulation board to prevent heat loss in the cold season.

Model Capacity at 20 PaDimensions (mm)
AK1700 Air inlets1700 m³/h560X270


The AK2700 air inlets are made entirely of plastic. The frame contains densely expanded polystyrene inside, which gives it a high degree of thermal insulation. They are easy to mount on the wall regardless of the type of material. The damper of the air inlet makes a smooth and easy movement and its shape ensures a correct direction of air flow.

ModelCapacity at 20 PaDimensions (mm)
AK2700 Air inlets2700 m³/h660X310


The AK4500 air inlets are made of durable, high quality, anti-UV plastic. This model is provided with a protection net against birds and insects and with a deflector for directing the individual air according to the hall by adjusting the angle of the deflector. The reset spring is made of quality rust-resistant stainless steel.

ModelCapacity at 20 PaDimensions (mm)
AK4500 Air inlet4500 m³/h868x390