Infrared heating

Megasun heater:

The Megasun heater with a unique burner, with a 60° inclination, sends more infrared heat towards the floor, where the warmth is necessary.

No other infrared heater emits more infrared radiation towards the floor: the stainless steel burner, with a 60° angle, together with the large dimensions reflector, produce an optimal thermal mark on the house floor, which means that there will be required less heaters to cover the entire surface of the poultry house; this way, you will have a gas economy.
The burner is completely insulated, closed, for durability and efficiency.
In this manner, the insulation will not deteriorate in the rough conditions encountered in poultry houses. This exclusive design offers durability and saves as well gas, because it prevents the heat losses by means of the burner’s superior section. The result stands in a more powerful infrared emission and in a long term gas saving.

HeaterGas typeNecessary pressureCapacityCapacityConsumptionWeight
Megasun EIDPropane30-50 mbar12000 W10320 kcal860 gr/h14 kg
Megasun EIDNatural30-50 mbar12000 W10320 kcal1,12 m³/h14 kg

Global heater:

Due to its design, the Global heater manages to direct all the heat towards the floor. The spherical burner sends forth infrared rays through a cone, radiating equally the warmth in the heating area.
The main spherical burner is provided with a smaller spherical burner which completely burns the dust, without leaving residuum in the interior. This fact is really important, because Global works without an air filter. Supposing the heater is installed in a space with a lot of dust, we recommend you the use of an air filter (optional).
The Global broiler radiant is equipped with a safety device with a thermocouple. Optionally, it is available a thermostat in combination with a 1,25 meters sensor.

The advantages of Global are:
– two spherical burners made of stainless steel resistant to high temperatures and to any chemical operation;
– optional air filter;
– stainless steel reflector;
– stainless steel venturi tube;
– the spherical burner sends forth all the heat towards the floor;
– the individual valve with a thermostatic cap registers the floor temperature;
– it does not need electrical supply;
– uniform temperature, without drastic variations;
– easy maintenance.

HeaterGas typeNecessary pressureCapacityCapacityConsumptionWeight
Global 5Propan300 mbar5200 W4472 kcal390 gr/h2,2 kg
Global 5Natural300 mbar5200 W4472 kcal0,58 m³/h2,2 kg
Global 8Propan300 mbar8800 W7568 kcal390 gr/h3,7 kg
Global 8Natural300 mbar8800 W7568 kcal0,88 m³/h3,8 kg

AP series:

The infrared heaters from the AP series are famous all over the world for the excellent performance and for the high quality materials from which they are composed. These appliances are provided with a cylindrical burner.
This range contains 3 models. The gas infrared heaters AP1 and AP3 are used mainly in pig houses, while the AP2 model can be mounted in poultry houses. These broiler heaters are provided with a dust filter made of stainless steel and with a safety device in combination with a thermocouple.

The advantages of the AP series heaters:
– the heat will be directed onto the desired place;
– the quick increase of the temperature;
– silent;
– a large regulation range for the has pressure and capacity;
– stainless steel construction.

HeaterGas typeNecessary pressureCapacityCapacityConsumptionWeight
AP1Propane300 mbar1000 W860 kcal86 gr/h1 kg
AP1Natural300 mbar1000 W860 kcal0,12 m³/h1 kg
AP2Propane300 mbar5000 W4300 kcal0,39 gr/h1,5 kg
AP2Natural300 mbar5000 W4300 kcal0,5 m³/h1,5 kg
AP3Propane300 mbar1750 W1510 kcal130 gr/h1 kg