Hot air heating

Gas air heater GA/N – with direct combustion

 – Natural gas or LPG built-in burner for low emissions of CO2, noxes, and        ethylene
– IP65 electrical panel
– Posibility to connect to a thermostat, humidistat or timer
– Internal and external structure made of high quality stainless steel
– Automatic ignition
– Flame monitoring with ionization probe
– Overheating thermostat
– Posibility to connect to an air conditioning computer
– IP65 fain air pressure monitoring switch
– Gas ramp: filter, regulator, safety valve and gas valve with slow opening,      gas pressure connections
– IP55 motor mounted in a position where it can be easily cleaned, to         avoid overheating
– Continuous post-ventilation (fan always on) or timed post-ventilation         (GA/N 70, GA/N 95, GA/N 115)
– Summer/winter switch for use as a fan
– In accordance with the norms UNI EN 12669:2003
– Hanging ties
– Low voltage control (GA/N 70, GA/N 95, GA/N 115)

Gas air Heater BH – with indirect combustion 

– Internal and external structure made of AISI 430 stainless steel
– Separate automatic burner on diesel or gas
– Tilting fan to facilitate burner maintenance/replacement
– Electronic flame control
-Automatic thermostat to ventilate only hot air, with pre-heating   combustion chamber and post ventilation for cooling
– Automatic thermostat for burner control
– Safety thermostat with manual reset
– Summer/winter switch for dual use as heater or as fan
– Safety pressure switch (air and gas)
– AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber with four smoke rotations
– IP65 protected electrical panel
– Posibility to connect with thermostat, humidistat or timer
– Posibility to connect with the air conditioning system
– Gas ramp: complete valve group with gas filter, pressure regulator, safety    valve, working valve with slow opening, stabilizer, gas pressure connector
– Snorkel connector for clean outside air intake

Hot air Heater – FARM

– The equipment can be mounted horizontally or vertically
– The burner is equipped with a snorkel connector for fresh air intake       from outside
– The new heat exchanger combined with the latest generation fans     ensures a caloric power of 92/93 %
– The combustion chamber is equipped with a control window
– Thermostat: FAN for fan control; LIMIT for burner control;     OVERHEATING for overheating, with manual reset

Hot air Heater COMBAT ELG & ELO

–  Natural gas (G20), LPG (G30 & G31), Oil red diesel (Class D), Kerosene (Class C2)
– Automatic ignition system
– ON/OFF Burner
– Aluminised steel heat exchanger
– Horizontal or Vertical                                                                                                – Supplied with NRG Controller                                                                                  – Discharge heads as standard                                                                                  – Elco burner, digital display                                                                                      – Rear flue spigot (easier installation)