The panfeeding system is the most common feeding equipment used in poultry houses.

For the production of this equipment, we do not compromise concerning the quality. We use metals resistant to corrosion and polypropylene made of high purity non-recycled pellets.
The panfeeding system can be used in poultry houses, for: broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks.


The hopper can be delivered with a capacity of 100 liters or 175 liters.
The feeding tubes have a 3 meters length, an internal diameter of 42 mm and they can be delivered with holes for 2, 3 and 4 feedpans.

The spiral is made of spring steel, it has a 4 mm thickness, external diameter of 36 or 38 mm and it can be custom made with lengths up to 120 meters. 
The drive unit of 0,55 kW with level feedpans is provided with a feeding sensor and an adjustable volume.

The Alke Agro feedpans are produced of polypropylene and they have the following advantages:
– holding to the cleaning products that are used in the poultry houses: chemical substances, high pressure water jet;
– the design that protects the broilers’ breast against the bruises;
– the design was projected in order to avoid the feed wastage and to facilitate the access of the birds;
– easy to open and to clean;
– the feedpans have a feed proportioning system 0-100%;

Alke Agro supplies feedpans for: broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks and the rest of the birds whose rearing can be made on the floor.

Technical data:

HopperGalvanized steel/ stainless steel100 or 175 liters
Feeding tubeGalvanized steel4,2 cm internal diameter
Drive unitStainless steel/ galvanized steel0,55 kW
WinchSteel750 kg, 900 kg or 1500 kg
Broiler feedpanPolypropylene35 cm
Layers feedpanPolypropylene35 cm
Male feedpanPolypropylene34 cm
Turkeys feedpanPolypropylene37/45 cm with/ without ring
Ducks feedpanPolypropylene34 cm